Student Support


Our Student Support Department understands that all efforts to improve school climate, safety, and learning are not separate endeavors. This department will support students, parents, administration, faculty, and school staff by implementing a philosophy about behavior and classroom management based on educational and psychological principles and encouraging strategies to develop all the components of the school community’s emotional intelligence.

Manatee School For the Arts implements a restorative justice approach to discipline. This means that students receive natural and logical consequences, learn from misbehavior, and repair any damaged relationships.


  • To promote a school climate of warmth through love, respect, concern and acceptance.
  • To achieve the implementation of clearly defined limits which are structured and promote rule enforcement and enhance learning.
  • To teach students to behave responsibly by providing the following:

○ Opportunities to be heard
○ A marked degree of decision making and problem solving
○ Replacing of simple rewards and punishment with values
○ Practice of democracy
○ Opportunities to learn from their mistakes

  • To teach students in recognizing and resolving conflict through effective communication, defusing potentially explosive situations, and reducing violence.
  • To support instruction in preparing children for their future and value and protect opportunities for learning.

When should you go to Student Support?

  • When you have witness anything suspicious or against the code of conduct
  • When you're having an issue with others in the school community
  • When you have specific questions
  • When you lose an important item
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