AP Studio Art and Portfolio Development

The AP Studio Art/Portfolio Development class is designed for students who are seriously interested in a career in the visual arts.  Students create a portfolio of work to demonstrate the artistic skills and ideas they have developed, refined, and applied over the  course of the year and may add past works to produce a portfolio of 29 works. Portfolios will be evaluated at the end of the school  year by the College Board. The AP 2-D Portfolio addresses two-dimensional design issues through the integration of the elements  and principles of art. Effective design is possible whether one uses representational or abstract approaches to art. Students are  asked to demonstrate mastery of 2-D design through any two-dimensional medium or process, including, but not limited to graphic  design, digital imaging, photography, collage, fabric design, weaving, fashion design, fashion illustration, painting, and printmaking.  Students will produce a minimum of 24 works that satisfy the requirements of the quality, concentration, and breadth sections of  the AP Studio Art: 2D Design Portfolio for college credit.

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