Mr. Tim McMurray

Mr. Tim McMurray

Chief Financial Officer

Timothy McMurray is an experienced Local & Global Finance and Operations Leader with a track record of transforming complex and diverse organizations during the last 26 years. Mr. McMurry adds measurable value to organizations by uncovering opportunities at the intersection where people, processes, and systems meet. Mr. McMurray has expertise in US GAAP, international IFRS accounting, shared services, ERP System Implementations, strengthening internal control environments, and process improvements.  Industries where he has served in various Finance Leadership positions include Professional Services; Legal Services; Upstream Oil & Gas; Manufacturing & Distribution and Governmental Services.

Beginning his career as a strategist as well as a tactician for the Big4 in Europe, Mr. McMurray developed and articulated a vision for the future while never losing sight of the need for transactional excellence. In addition, he has additional experience of turning around underperforming finance teams and finding solutions for supporting organizations both for M&A transactions as well as during downsizing.

Mr. McMurray is not just a finance leader, but a leader within the organization who leverages innovation and change management principles to transform business cultures, improve operational effectiveness, and create an environment of continuous improvement.  He is a 1995 graduate of Accounting from The University of North Alabama and a member of the AICPA having an active CPA license from Oregon.  Having traveled and lived in many of the 30 countries visited during his prior career before joining MSA in 2018, Mr. McMurray is an active believer in multilingualism and cultural understanding, he personally speaks Russian in addition to his native English.

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