Dr. Steven Marshall- Principal

Dr. Steven Marshall


Dr. Marshall, a native of Manatee County, has been serving as a dedicated educator and leader at MSA since 2001.  His passion is teaching and always strives to make a difference in the lives of students and teachers!

One of the things that really attracted me to MSA over 20 years ago was the freedom to try new things and be creative in the classroom beyond textbooks and worksheets.  This is one of the many great reasons why I love charter schools.  At MSA we believe that ALL students can be successful and we exist to provide opportunities and choices for students.    

Over the years Dr. Marshall has learned and lived the mission of MSA, with an emphasis on arts-integration and using the multiple intelligences as a learning approach to student engagement and differentiated instruction.

One of the best decisions I ever made was to get more involved in the arts.  I grew up playing sports and had very little artistic ability.  I was invited to participate in a faculty/student musical called, Bye, Bye, Birdie.  This was an amazing experience working with such talented students and teachers.  It really opened my eyes to the power of the arts and it really helped me to understand more about what our mission is about.  It isn’t about being an artistic superstar, but more about how the arts can help all people to learn, discover, and grow in so many ways.  Even though I may not be the best actor, singer, or dancer, I have been involved in numerous musicals and theatre productions since that first experience.  My involvement in the arts has helped me to be a better teacher and administrator.  It is amazing to reflect on all the different kinds of skills you learn through the arts and how they can be applied to all walks and professions of life.           

With his experiences in the arts, Dr. Marshall has also applied the mission beyond the classroom.  He has been involved in the local community through living history projects, oral history projects, and numerous nature-based field experiences where history comes to life and students get to camp or kayak for the first time.  Through these many projects, MSA has developed great partnerships with NOAA, University of South Florida (USF), South Florida Museum, Manatee County Historical Society, Manasota Operation Troop Support, and the Cortez Fishing Village.  He has a passion for bringing history alive through the arts and continues to provide opportunities for students to present and perform throughout the community.  He also loves our veterans and organizes an event every year where our school comes together to celebrate our veterans through the arts, while also raising money for local veteran organizations.  

As an Assistant Principal for MSA, Dr. Marshall still continues to teach so as to stay connected with students and stay relevant with the teachers he assists.  He strives to be a great leader and advocate for the MSA community while also continuing to be a practitioner of education in the classroom and through various clubs, such as mock trial and soccer club.

Another reason why I love MSA is the diversity of our students.  Our students come with so many interests and skills.  Our students come from many different backgrounds that we celebrate.  That is why we provide so many varied opportunities in both the academics and the arts.  

Since becoming an AP, Dr. Marshall has helped to develop a variety of programs, including, health career explorations, coding, robotics, mock trial, video game design, Pre-AP Academy for middle school, various CTE programs, business entrepreneurship, and various academic and art electives.

I am always amazed and grateful for the talented and dedicated faculty we have at MSA.  Our faculty works hard everyday to make sure our students are supported in every way.  So many of our art teachers come from the professional world where they create a studio experience for all students at all levels.  Our academic teachers are always working hard to support students at all levels, while at the same time looking for ways to expand our programs.            

On a personal level, Dr. Marshall is a family man who loves his wife and three children.  He is also involved in coaching soccer, taking his children around the state to play soccer every weekend, and a volunteer bus driver to help disadvantaged teens attend youth groups and church services.  

I look forward to an exciting future where MSA continues to grow and make a difference in the lives of people around the community!  

Education Background 

Kindergarten Diploma, St. Joseph, 1982-1983

Moody Elementary School, 1983-1988

Sugg Middle School, 1988-1991

Bayshore High School, 1991-1995

Mars Hill University, 1999, BS, History Education

University of South Florida, 2000, Masters, Social Science Education

Argosy University, 2010, Ed.D, Instructional Leadership 


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