Digital Arts

Have you ever wondered what it would be like on the other side of the camera? How about creating the perfect digital code? Could you imagine being immersed in your very own video game? The Digital Arts Department has the tools to answer these very questions. From coding to animation to graphic design, MSA has it all.

Middle School

Digital Illustration and Design

Students will explore the basic concepts, terminology, techniques, and the application of drawing in a digital platform. Students will  gain...

Multimedia Design

Students will expand their digital design skills while exploring the marketing aspects of business design. Students will explore branding  and...

Art Technology

Students will explore how they can apply sound, visuals, and other print and digital communication methods to fun and creative...

High School

Digital Imaging

Students will learn the basics needed to create professional quality digital illustrations and photo manipulations. Explore Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Learn both the technical aspects of image manipulation, as well as the artistic aspects of creatin

Intro to Film

Students will focus on camera techniques used by some of the greatest directors from early film through the 1980’s. Students will learn script writing, storyboarding, camera techniques, and editing as they create their own original work. Adobe Professiona


Grades 9-12 – Students will learn the basics needed to create a variety of animation as well as the artistic...

Yearbook Digital Media

Each year, the staff’s goal is to define and record the school year in an honest and introspective photographic historical record that creates lasting memories of student life, academics, clubs, our school community, and most importantly, the people who b

Video Game Design

Do you like video games? Have you ever been interested or curious about how video games are created? Have you ever thought about designing your own video game? Opened to all high school students, this course is designed to provide an introduction to game

Creative Photography

Students explore the fundamentals of photography. Students become familiar with the basic mechanics of a camera, including lens and shutter operation, compositional foundations, printing an image for display, and evaluating a successful print. Much of cla

AP Studio Art and Portfolio Development

The AP Studio Art/Portfolio Development class is designed for students who are seriously interested in a career in the visual...

Art Collaboration (Honors)

A project based class that will allow you to work on projects of YOUR choosing with other students, teachers, charities, and local businesses to pump up your resume and give you the real-work experience you need to impress futu

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