The instructors at Manatee School for the Arts offer a holistic approach to learning to play the guitar.  Beginning as early as 7th grade, students are given a solid musical foundation. That foundation is built on classical guitar technique, note reading, musicianship, as well as solo and ensemble performance.  As students develop note reading skills and a solo repertoire they are encouraged to explore the many different styles of guitar playing.  Some students may prefer to continue to develop as classical guitarists.  Further classical guitar study at MSA will prepare budding artists for college guitar auditions and scholarship opportunities.

Other students’ guitar expertise may lie in other areas. For these students we offer electric guitar, jazz band, and commercial music classes.   After high school, students interested in a non-classical emphasis can enter colleges that offer recording industry, commercial music, Jazz, music technology and music management degrees.  Students with a professional work ethic and drive may be successful as freelance musicians.  For these students, MSA’s Commercial Music Ensemble Class (CME) is particularly well-suited.   In CME the goal is to form a band and get some gigs!  We can also help you to become a professional studio guitarist.  At Manatee School for the Arts, there is something challenging and useful for every kind of guitar player!

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