Career-Technical Education

MSA offers various Career & Technical Education (CTE) Programs that prepare students for many different types of technical occupations and post- secondary technical schools.  With the help of partners in education, business and industry, and trade associations, each program includes the academic and technical skills required to be successful in today’s economy.  


CTE is a cost-effective way for students to start a career in as little as one or two years of school! 


Reasons to consider our CTE program:

  • CTE courses contain rigorous academic curriculum and performance standards and may be designated Level 3, the same as honors courses. 
  • Some courses count toward science, practical arts or economics credits required for high school graduation. 
  • Many CTE students earn industry certifications, which make them more employable. 
  • Industry certifications may be used to earn college credits and meet requirements for high school graduation. 
  • Students who take at least three courses in a program may be eligible for the Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars Award. 


MSA offers the following CTE courses:

Health Career Explorations 

Business Management and Law 

Principles of Entrepreneurship 

Digital Cinema

Video Game & Simulations Foundations 

Video Game & Simulations Design 

Video Game & Simulations Graphic Artist 

Digital Media/Multimedia Foundations 1-4 

Digital Photography 1-3 

Digital Design

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