MSA is a school that believes in providing lots of opportunities and choices for all students in grades 6-12.  We understand that all students learn in different ways and have varied interests and future goals.  We support all levels depending on student needs.  MSA provides remedial, grade level, and advanced courses in language arts, math, science, social studies, and reading.  Students who are motivated and want to be challenged beyond traditional advanced or honors courses may qualify for our Advanced Academic Academy (A³), which offers tracks in Pre-AP, AP, and/or Dual Enrollment in grades 6-12.  MSA also offers a broad range of electives beyond the core academics and a variety of academic based competition teams/clubs, such as Robotics, Mock Trial, History Bowl, Chess, Key Club, Student Council, Dungeons and Dragons, Sea Cadets, and many more. 

In middle school we help to prepare students for the high school experience.  The experiences at the middle school level creates an important foundation for high school and beyond.  As a 6-12 school, teachers scaffold these experiences at each grade level, where skills continue to build upon one another from 6th grade to 12th.  Most of our middle school students stay for high school and most of our seniors have been here since 6th grade.  We call them “originals.”

High school students can earn a standard 24 credit diploma or pursue a more accelerated path with an 18-credit diploma.  Most of our students graduate with 32 credits and some even graduate with an AA degree alongside their high school diploma.  


Learning Matters! 

Most traditional schools have academic policies that discourage improvement and remediation.  At MSA, the goal is always learning.  Learning is a process that takes time and sometimes requires revision or a redo with additional support.  We want all students to be successful and have every opportunity to learn and master academic and life skills.  We believe that students learn differently and our academic policies reflect this.  There is more accountability in making sure students improve their test scores or turn in that important assignment instead of just letting them dig a deeper hole.  We will never let a student dig a hole so deep they cannot get out.  At MSA many of our teachers provide before or after school tutoring.  Parents can also keep track of their children’s progress through the Parent Portal.  Parents can also expect a phone call from the teacher if grades are below 70%.  We are here to support students at all levels and help students learn! 

Department Breakdown:


English/Language Arts


Social Studies

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