The Theatre program at Manatee School For the Arts is designed to develop students’ talents to their fullest potential and encourage professionalism in all levels and all areas of theatrical work.

The curriculum includes overview theatre classes, acting, musical theatre, stagecraft (technical theatre), and stage makeup classes. Structuring the classes to be hands on starting in 6th grade, our dedicated faculty engage students at their learning level and challenge them to reach for excellence in all they do.

Intertwined in the theatre curriculum is performance. Whether that is in the classroom for peers to being a part of one of our school-wide productions, students are continually challenged to move out of their comfort zone and apply the skills they have learned in class.

Whether engaged in professional preparation or just developing a lifelong  love for the arts, our theatre program has a place for everyone!!


This course is to introduce students to fundamental skills in the multiple elements of theatre as a collaborative art.


The purpose of this course is to enable students to develop fundamental acting skills and integrate them into individual and...

Musical Theatre

Students in this class will study vocalization for musical theater, dance for musical theater and play analysis, as well as...


Students focus on developing the basic tools and procedures for creating elements of technical theatre, including costumes, lighting, properties (props),...

Stage Makeup

The purpose of this course is to enable students to develop knowledge and skills necessary for the correct use of...

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