The Dance department at MSA is dedicated to providing students a thorough and broad based pre-professional training program to develop the competence and maturity required in order to pursue the art of dance in a professional or collegiate environment, or to become an avid and informed future arts advocate. The program fosters individual student growth in a family environment and promotes artistic and academic excellence.

Students can choose to receive training in Ballet, Modern, Ballroom, Tap, Jazz, or Hip Hop Dance, or any combination of the styles. The program challenges students through scheduled classes, guest artists, and performances. The department offers a spring class recital, an Excellence in Dance Program, as well as a variety of additional opportunities throughout the year.

Our well rounded program is led by highly qualified instructors with experience in the “real world” of dance. Their dedication to excellence is shown through the work of the students in their classes, and the skills students take with them after graduation.


We urge all serious dance students to study this foundational technique.  Grounded in grace and power, this style will prepare dancers for any style.  We also have our outstanding Turning Pointe team, which is by audition only.


This unique and expressionistic style helps to increase ability in both technique and creativity; often including choreography and improvisation. 


These entertaining and challenging styles are combined at Level 1; but can be pursued individually at the higher levels.  These can intersect with musical theater, and can support the pursuit of appearing in shows here and in the community.


This popular class bridges the gap from social dancing to competition. Styles include Cha Cha, Swing, Rumba, Tango, Waltz, Bachata, and more.  We also have our amazing competitive Strikers team.

Hip Hop

The purpose of this course is to explore the origins of Hip Hop and its culture. We will further explore...


Pre-Professional Intensive Training is offered for those talented, dedicated students who want to focus on multiple styles and perhaps become dance majors/working professionals.  Through a study of resumes, college preparation, preparing solos for auditions, and master’s classes; the dancers are able to deepen their studies in all styles.

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