Board Of Directors

Board of Directors

Mr. Dave Kraner, Chairman 
Mrs. Janet Samuels
Mr. Jim Delgado
Mrs. Karen Carpenter

Board Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Official notice of Board Meetings is posted on this website a minimum of 24 hours prior to the meeting.

BOD Minutes 4.17.23

BOD Minutes 4.14.23

BOD Minutes 4.12.23

September 2022 Agenda Sept 2022 Minutes

April 2022 Agenda April 2022 Minutes

February 2022 Agenda Feb 2022 Minutes

January 2022 Agenda Jan 2022 Minutes

December 2021 Agenda Dec 2021 Minutes

September 2021 Agenda Sept 2021 Minutes

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MSA Financial Reports

Budget and Financial Audits

Board Appointed Parent Involvement Representative

Manatee School For the Arts will make every effort to resolve any issue, dispute, and concern. In the event that an issue cannot be resolved with the teacher or staff member, Mr. Luis Caro and Mrs. Jane Simon, our Assistant Principals, will help identify and find resolution. 

If you have a concern, need to contact the Board, or would like to address the Board please reach out to Mr. Caro or Mrs. Simon at 941-721-6800 or at their respective emails and

If the parent complaint cannot be resolved by MSA Administration within 7 days of the complaint, the issue will be referred to the school district. MSA Administration will cooperate with the district’s resolution procedures and comply with the district’s decision to resolve the complaint.

If the dispute cannot be resolved at the district level within 30 days, the parent may request the Florida Department of Education to appoint a Special Magistrate to hold a hearing and provide a recommended decision to the State Board of Education.  

Faculty Out of Field Letter 2022_2023

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