Steven Zickafoose, Ed. S.

Steven Zickafoose, Ed. S.

Senior Director of School Improvement

Steve Zickafoose is a transformative educator and leader with a passion for empowering students, teachers, and educational leaders to excel. With a proven track record of excellence in various instructional roles, for over 30 years he has consistently demonstrated an ability to make significant improvements in academic performance and school operations.

As the Senior Director of School Improvement and an Instructional Leader at Manatee School For the Arts, Steve collaborates on the development and implementation of advanced courses, addresses student absenteeism, and drives school improvement initiatives. His innovative approaches, such as the development of a Positive Behavior Intervention System, resulted in substantial reductions in student suspensions and contributed to the creation of a positive school culture.

An adjunct professor and educational consultant, Steve has co-authored “Steppin’ Into My Teacher Shoes” and contributed to “New Teacher Induction” by Harry K. Wong, reflecting his commitment to mentoring and professional development. Recognized as National New Staff Developer of the Year, he has made an indelible impact on staff development and student outcomes.

With an Educational Specialist degree in Educational Leadership from Argosy University and an MBA from St. Leo College, Steve is academically prepared to continue making a difference in the educational landscape. His diverse experience as a teacher, coach, consultant, and leader is coupled with his consistent pursuit of advancement in every role.

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